We offer a range of specialist technology solutions designed for the travel retail industry that plug into your existing customer experience ecosystem and take it to the next level. Putting technological and digital innovation at the centre of your customer journey.


Our TourPOS solution runs on the PAX A920 payment terminal, which is arguably the world’s most elegantly designed, compact and secure electronic payment terminal. The A920 comes with a whole host of intuitive features and functionality to make processing transactions as easy as possible for your crew.


TourCAST is our award-winning fully automated forecasting and replenishment system for fresh food and ambient product loading - the first ever to be designed specifically for airline retail. It utilises ground-breaking technology to provide a comprehensive solution for space planning, inventory and supply chain management and optimisation.

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The latest product to be introduced to our suite of technology solutions, TourCONNECT is a portable closed-loop hardware and software application that’s designed to enhance airline customers’ in-flight shopping and entertainment experience. It provides store access to every passenger and enables them to shop on board at their own leisure.

eCommerce Platforms.

We’re experts in designing sales-driven and secure e-commerce platforms built on modern technology and powered by data. Creating an online shopping experience as seamless as the one customers get in-store enables you to meet their needs wherever they are and generate sales seamlessly from arrival to departure and beyond.


Crew Portal.

Our Crew Portal platform facilitates a two-way engagement between your crew and our experts, giving them the ability to check their commission, compare how they’re stacking up against their colleagues in any live incentive programmes and chat or brush up on their skills with our online training modules.

Business Intelligence.

We understand what’s required to deliver functional and illustrative intelligence reporting across all areas of your business, manage data through the end-to-end process and ensure it’s available at all system levels and in different states, as well as making it as visual, actionable and comprehensive as possible.


Compliance & Security.

Risk management, compliance and security are fundamental to the way we operate, ensuring that all retail-specific legislation, including health and safety practices, are strictly adhered to. We’ve also invested heavily in the technology required to operate various sales channels with full accreditation, having met all the required legislative and compliance frameworks.

Benefits to your business.

Tourvest Retail Services your faster, smarter partner.

Customer Experience

Enhanced customer experience, NPS and C-Sat scores

Spend Per Head

Increased spend per head and decreased cost of operations

New Product Development

Continuous new product development and innovation

Digital Innovation

Technological and digital innovation throughout the customer journey

Crew Engagement

Improved staff/crew engagement and buy in, online and face-to-face

Warehousing & Logistics

Industry-leading warehouse, supply chain and logistics solutions that
free up space and reduce waste


More accurate data, added value reporting and advanced forecasting

Risk Mitigation

Extensive risk mitigation measures in place for extra peace of mind


Access to a passionate, knowledgeable and experienced team of travel retail experts

Burger Render


Our team excels at developing leading travel retail product ranges to elevate your food and beverage and duty free offering.

Earth Render


Our suite of best-in-class travel retail services makes enhancing the customer experience easy.