Announcing our latest TourBEST winner – Q2, 2022

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At Tourvest, we value the contributions of our staff and recognise those who go above and beyond, taking on our company values and excelling. We are delighted to reveal the winners of this Quarter's Tourvest Living the Values awards! Congratulations to our winners - nominated by their colleagues - Gareth Forbes, Satish Sookhoo, Ekene Emechebe and Fazila Sherriff!

One Business, One Team

Winner – Gareth Forbes, Digital Innovation Manager

Gareth has a fantastic business sense and comes up with ideas and implementations that benefit our business in the long run.

Innovative Value Creator

Winner – Satish Sookhoo, Planner

Satish has been incredibly proactive in getting stock transferred to Kenya from the UK, which has resulted in the company making huge savings from the UK stock file.

Uncompromising High Performance

Winner – Ekene Emechebe, Retail Manager

Ekene is a loyal and committed individual who has been phenomenal during Pandemic and post Pandemic. He drove sales and opened the shop doors even though it was challenging during COVID. He is highly passionate and always encourages the team to perform and exceed in their performance.

Fast Walker

Winner – Fazila Sherriff, After Sales Support Centre

Fazila has taken on the additional responsibility of managing tasks over and beyond her day-to-day workload. She has been working long hours, including weekends, to assist the department in areas where required. She moves swiftly from one task to another, meeting her deadlines well in advance to allow herself time to assist in other areas. She has been proactive in finding solutions when dealing with queries, which has made it possible to take on more tasks.

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