‘Collaborate to innovate’: Immfly and Tourvest Retail Services strike omnichannel partnership for air and rail channels

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Immfly has been offering tech solutions to airline partners for the challenges presented by COVID-19

INTERNATIONAL. Immfly, a leading provider of connected cabin digital services and a Boeing Horizon-X invested company, has announced a major new collaboration with travel retail products, services and technology provider Tourvest Retail Services.

The collaboration integrates a touchless omnichannel retail proposition for airlines and rail operators with an advanced connected cabin digital services and entertainment platform.

Customers can engage with the platform via the onboard entertainment system or their own mobile devices. The move, said the partners, would enhance customer satisfaction and help build ancillary revenues.

Immfly has been offering tech solutions to airline partners for the challenges presented by COVID-19

Immfly Co-Founder and CEO Pablo Linz explained, “Since launching our very first platform for managing onboard digital services, we’ve remained committed to continuous innovation which provides our airlines and customers with a real competitive advantage. This collaboration with Tourvest remains true to that commitment, partnering with like-minded businesses who want to innovate and advance the customer experience.”

Tourvest Retail Services Chief Executive Officer Clive Jones commented, “By combining our individual strengths through this strategic partnership, we are able to leverage the synergies created to benefit our customers.

“This collaboration allows us to integrate our retail value proposition into the on-board digital platforms, enhancing our omni-channel ecommerce journey, whilst maintaining a single, seamless and personalised customer experience.”

Michelle Green, Head of Business Development, Strategy & Innovation for Tourvest Retail Services added, “As a global leader in travel retail, we have been developing our digital strategy both for customer facing solutions as well as back office functionality. Our API stack ensures a seamless end to end approach that drives customer satisfaction as well as, critically, the integration into the back of house supply chain and waste management elements. We are proud to be collaborating with Immfly to ensure that our onboard offering remains world class.”

“This collaboration with Tourvest demonstrates our platform’s agility to interface with airlines’ key strategic partners, to deliver industry leading digital services.” said Immfly VP of Product and Digital Services Maria Cardenal.

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