Announcing our latest TourBEST winners Q3, 2022

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At Tourvest, we value the contributions of all our staff, and recognise those who go above and beyond, taking on our company values and excelling. We are delighted to reveal the winners of this quarter's Tourvest Living the Values awards! Congratulations to our winners, who were nominated by their colleagues!

One Business, One Team

Winner – Supply Chain Team

This team are always quick-thinking and highly effective in dealing with the constant supply chain challenges we face in the global market. Of late, they have had to deal with supplier delays due to glass, milk powder, glue, labour, businesses folding, Covid and Ukraine.  No challenge has been too much for them, and throughout all this, they have ensured that stock and disruption issues have been minimised. A great team!

Innovative Value Creator

Winner: Matthew Timmons – Product and Process Manager IT

Matthew has taken on the task of reducing our credit card declines onboard. He has been pivotal to this project and has gone beyond his remit to ensure its progression over the last few months. This is a tedious, detailed, and time-consuming task that he has stuck to tirelessly, resulting in this significant positive commercial impact on our company. Many said it was not possible to achieve this level of credit card declines, but Matt made the impossible possible.  His knowledge and experience are of the highest level, and he is a real asset to the company!

Uncompromising High Performance

Winner:  Andria Oosthuizen – Shared Services Administrator, Finance

Since joining the team as Shared Services Supervisor at the beginning of 2022, Andria has been a continued example of excellence and efficiency for the finance team. Andria was instrumental in simplifying daily team tasks by implementing processes to make these easier. She is always on hand to solve minor IT issues the team may have, thus saving the submission of an IT ticket. Andria has shown the team genuine care and concern combined with a strong work ethic, which has been an example to us all. Nothing is too much for Andria. Her guidance and support have enabled us to thrive and overcome any issues as a team. Andria is a valued mentor and friend; we are lucky to have such a fantastic line manager.

Fast Walker

Winner: Kiru Govender – Global Recon Co-ordinator, Asset Protection

Kiru has shown himself to be very customer-orientated and always works to the highest quality and standard. Kiru is very swift in responding to requests and always provides additional assistance, without compromise.  One of the regular reports took up to 4 hours to compile and the data wasn’t showcased as effectively as it could be. Kiru noted this during his attendance at the Weekly Trading meetings and immediately informed the team that he could assist. The team communicated their requirements, and within a few minutes, he understood the business need and designed the best reporting model he could. This report can now be completed in only 15 minutes!  Everyone at Tourvest Retail Services is very impressed with his skills and knowledge!!!!

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