Announcing our latest TourBEST winners – Q2, 2023

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At Tourvest, we value the contributions of all our staff, and recognise those who go above and beyond, taking on our company values and excelling. We are delighted to reveal the winners of this quarter's Tourvest Living the Values awards! Congratulations to our winners, who were nominated by their colleagues!

One Business, One Team

Winner: Ramn O’Connor, Merchandising and Data Manager

Ramn is great at using her skillset to help in other team areas, to help make workload and day-to-day tasks more seamless. She recently took over additional tasks from another team to assist them in getting their projects over the line and proved invaluable to everyone involved.

Uncompromising High Performance

Winner: Anna Dolecka, Marketing Manager

Anna is consistent in her work and remains professional whatever challenges or impossible deadlines the business or customers throw her way. She is always pleasant, approachable, and open to discussions to help her achieve or rework the various activities on hand.

Fast Walker

Winner: Preshni Reddy, AP/AR Administrator

Preshni works very well under pressure. She does not wait to get a problem solved. She inspires her colleagues to work smarter. She is always on time. when she says that she will do something on a specific time, she does. She brought the Shared Services team together in only a few days after taking over her new role. She is super supportive when you feel stuck, in getting you to understand better and always makes time to help you whilst she is drowning with her own work. She always tries to find a better way of doing things. She is terribly serious about sticking to deadlines and motivating everyone to get things done more efficiently.

Innovative value creator

Winner: Gerhard Esterhuyse, Customer Director

Gerhard is an exceptional colleague, who goes far beyond what is expected. He is driven, motivated and always puts the business first. If in doubt, you can ask any question and be sure that a solution and answer will be provided, with a smile. Despite having challenges beyond control out of our business zone. Gerhard has managed to earn the trust of customers and maintained constant communication updating the customer with latest developments. Furthermore, his leadership skills and ability to engage his entire team on projects has been really outstanding.

Ambassador’s Award (only awarded in special circumstances)

Winner: Carol Clarke, Senior Buyer

Being nominated in three of the four Tourbest categories, Carol is a true ambassador of our ways of working and ways of being as a company.

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