Tourvest Staff Spotlight

Five minutes with Manisha Thakarshi – HR Officer

1.  What inspired you to work in the travel industry? 

       I have always wanted to work at the airport since I can remember as I have always loved areoplanes and travelling. I started my career in the travel industry,
       working as a mobile consultant for Estée Lauder Companies and then moving on to becoming a member of MAC cosmetics at Heathrow Airport Terminal 4
       as a make-up artist. The buzz of the airport and meeting new people every day was the highlight and this is something that I strive to have, regardless of
       where I work, throughout my career. I joined Tourvest Retail Services in August 2019 and have enjoyed every minute so far! 

2.  What do you enjoy the most in your role here at Tourvest Retail Services?

      I enjoy the variety of my role, but my highlight is being able to work with all the people within the company and all the interaction that goes on.

3.  What does a typical day for you look like?

      It’s really hard to pinpoint what I enjoy about HR in general because I love and enjoy all elements of the role, but if I had to pick it would be employment law
      and employment relations. 

4.  What is your favourite travel destination?

      Seychelles! I went here for my honeymoon in 2019 and so far, it is my favourite destination. Not only was it calm and peaceful, it was also incredibly beautiful
      plus everything felt a little “untouched” so you could really see nature in it’s natural form. 

5.  What do you enjoy doing outside work?

      I enjoy Bollywood dancing, walking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

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