Tourvest Staff Spotlight

Five minutes with Sarah Thomas – Business Development Executive

1.  What inspired you to work in the travel industry? 

       I have always had an interest in the aviation industry since I live on Gatwick’s doorstep, and from a very small age would often go with my Dad to watch the planes taking off and landing.
       A bit of an excuse for my Dad really since there was a pub near the runway!

2.  What do you enjoy the most in your role here at Tourvest Retail Services?

       No two days are the same. There is variety in my role, but I thoroughly enjoy hunting for new business and bringing the opportunities in for our pursual. I work with some great colleagues,
       and I am fully supported by my departmental director which makes working at Tourvest all the more worthwhile.

3.  What do you enjoy the most about working in travel in general?

      The variety and spice of life, it is different to any other industry with some fantastic characters that you come across. I am a people person and really enjoy meeting new contacts and talking
      about their visions for the future. I like adventure and though not the greatest flyer, I am fine once in the air and am excited when landing in a different country.

4.  What is your favourite travel destination?

       It has to be Greece, preferably Santorini. I love the people, the climate, culture, and food. Although Barbados wasn’t too bad either!

5.  What do you enjoy doing outside work?

       I am a “FAST WALKER”, and this is what I do most days with an added run here and there. I have a rescue Staffie so there’s no excuses not to go for walks but as he is 13 now it is more of a
       slow plod. I also really enjoy visiting places in the UK, with London being a firm favourite to explore and a great place to find interesting restaurants.

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